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Financial institutions have entered a digital race. To win this race, they must leverage technology and deliver new value to customers. Murex helps capital markets players to scale and amplify MX.3 platform benefits with the power of the cloud.

MX.3 can be managed by the customer or delivered in SaaS by Murex.

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We wanted to scale the infrastructure to provision environments to meet growing business needs. AWS gave us the scalability and flexibility we were seeking. Moving to a pay-per-usage model enabled cost efficiencies that were previously not possible when we had to resource for peak capacity.

Sylvain Gagnon, Software System Specialist at NBC, Canada

Migrating MX.3 to AWS alleviated an investment in on-premises hardware and eliminated the risk of over-and under-provisioning Momentum Metropolitan’s on-premises environment. We have the processing agility and capacity to use more model points in our risk calculations and we can model over longer periods, giving us improved confidence over our near-term results.

Stephen Jones, Head of Group Finance and BSM IT, Momentum Metropolitan

With its full turnkey SaaS model, Murex takes ownership of the MX.3 platform for production management, maintenance, disaster recovery, deployment and monitoring, as well as incident and change management. Whether it is interest rates, foreign exchange or commodities, ATB’s Enterprise Trading Platform enables us to better support our customers’ complex trading needs.

Chris Turchansky, Chief Experience Officer, ATB, Canada

One deciding factor was the flexibility of Murex’s fully managed private SaaS solution, which now allows the bank to customize business processes, boost innovation and maximize resilience. We can customize business processes, increase innovation and configure user preferences.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Italy

We are glad to be the first to benefit from the Murex and AWS collaboration. Murex is at the core of our Treasury and Markets technology platform and we are already reaping the benefits of AWS Cloud’s elasticity for our grid computing infrastructure.

David Gledhill, Group Chief Information Officer and Head of Group Technology and Operations, DBS Bank, Singapore

In 2020, our corporate strategy switched toward a SaaS first approach. This led us to consider Murex SaaS and outsource all technical tasks related to MX.3.

Asset Manager, North America

This externalization will enable our treasury to better focus on its core business of funding the bank, hedging its risk exposures and proposing solutions to its internal and external customers, while always being assured that its activity is supported by a platform that is kept up to date with business and technical standards, with almost no effort from our internal teams.

Local Retail Bank, Continental Eastern Europe

With this new operating model, we are following our global IT strategy and we believe that this move will allow us to dedicate our IT resources on innovations and to reduce the time to market for new requirements of the business.

Large Financial Corporation, Asia

The MX.3 SaaS lift and shift was completed in five months (excluding the initial project preparation work). The best testament of the success of the project was that the project was delivered on time and budget and the traders did not even notice the change after the go-live.

Large Bank, Northern Europe

Cloud and SaaS resources and insights

Murex Cloud Solutions

Murex cloud and SaaS solutions combine the full power of a leading technology platform with the expertise and infrastructure to manage it. Tailored to your specific needs, it allows you to focus on your core business, take advantage of the latest innovations and be prepared for the future capital markets.

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MMH improves balance sheet performance by migrating and upgrading Murex MX.3 to AWS

Discover how Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited were able to migrate and upgrade MX.3 on AWS.

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The National Bank of Canada accelerates the deployments of Murex at scale on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Murex is pleased to announce that its customer, NBC, migrated its on-premises development and testing installations of MX.3 to AWS.

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Why the time is right to embrace Agile

This blog post from AFME and Murex explores what Agile work practices are, why banks have adopted them and what opportunities they present in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Building the future of capital markets with the cloud

The cloud has been a catalyst for accelerated development in capital markets. Firms are now using the cloud to become more agile and to increase the pace of innovation delivered to end users.

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Murex delivers fully managed SaaS solution to key client in North America

Murex is pleased to announce it has reached a successful milestone in its partnership with ATB Financial, a leading and innovative Canadian financial institution.

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Mission-Critical Cloud Migration: 5 Lessons From NAB

National Australia Bank’s Adrian Aw explores migrating NAB’s Global FX and Trading Platform (Murex MX.3) on the cloud. NAB carried out a full transformation of MX.3 infrastructure and DevOps automation.

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Lift and shift MX.3 on Murex SaaS

Discover why we see an increasing number of existing Murex customers moving their MX.3 installations to Murex SaaS and learn more about the benefits this move can offer and the profile for such a migration project.

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Murex awarded best cloud computing solution and software solution

Murex has been named Best Cloud Computing Solution in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2019.

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Cassa Depositi e Prestiti migrates to Murex SaaS and expands its use of the MX.3 platform

Murex, is pleased to announce that Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) has optimized its capital markets activities with Murex SaaS.

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Murex extends connectivity to B-PIPE on AWS

Murex is pleased to announce that its flexible MX.3 platform can now be connected with the Bloomberg Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) hosted on AWS in a matter of minutes.

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The adoption of public cloud computing in capital markets

Murex was delighted to contribute to this AFME report exploring the important topic of public cloud adoption in capital markets.

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Capital markets: keeping up with cloud adoption

Listen to Arnaud de Chavagnac (Murex) and David Saul (State Street), as they discuss the benefits and pitfalls of cloud adoption in today's capital markets.

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Cloud adoption: special report 2018

In this report, we probe the latest trends and market movements, including the obstacles and opportunities that come with cloud.

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Murex to offer cloud-based trading and risk management solutions

New collaboration with Microsoft covering Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

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Capital markets transformation- If you’re not scared, you’re not doing enough

Watch our video to discover how IT transformation could be good for your business.

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Enabling IT transformation with the cloud

Maroun Edde, CEO at Murex, and Frank Fallon, Vice President, Global Financial Services at Amazon Web Services, discuss the role of cloud in capital markets IT transformation.

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Murex evaluates Amazon EFS One Zone

AWS announces new lower cost storage classes for Amazon Elastic File System. One Zone storage classes provide single Availability Zone (AZ) storage at a 47% lower cost than existing multi-AZ storage classes.

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Building the capital markets technology of the future

In this whitepaper, learn what it takes to thrive in today's capital markets from leaders across the industry, including AWS, DBS, ABN, AMRO and ATB Financial.

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AWS financial services cloud symposium 2021

How customers can benefit from Murex MX.3 SaaS on AWS.

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Pavilion Energy, Upskills, Murex First in Southeast Asia to deploy MX.3 to Microsoft Azure

Learn how the Murex trading platform was successfully deployed onto Microsoft Azure to reduce the risk of delivery and optimize the environment's management, supporting Pavilion Energy’s strategy for future growth.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia Chooses Murex for Capital Markets Digital Backbone

In the latest edition of Interface, Murex’s Australia Country Manager Kim Thompson explains how to future-proof your business and benefit from best-of-breed functionality with MX.3.

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For more than 30 years, Murex has provided enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions to capital markets players. Its cross-function platform, MX.3, supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations, enabling clients to better meet regulatory requirements, manage enterprise-wide risk, and control IT costs. With more than 57,000 daily users in more than 60 countries, Murex has clients across the financial services industry, from banking and asset management to energy and commodities. Murex is an independent company with over 2,400 employees across 18 locations. Murex is committed to providing cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and unique product innovation. MX.3 is specifically designed and engineered to meet the multifaceted challenges of a transforming financial industry. To find out more, visit

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